Integrally suppressed carbines are nothing new. However, this quiet little shooter is the 1st one that folds in half. Like its predecessors, the Keltec Sub 2000 offers compact storage and superior pistol caliber firepower, however this one is “Hollywood quiet” when paired with subsonic ammo.


Kel tec Sub 2000 For Sale Tactical Advantage

In a home defense scenario, you need the upper hand, and that’s precisely what this variation of the SUB2000 offers. When paired with a light and optic, it’s the recipe for success should that bump in the night be an uninvited bad guy.

Keltec Sub 2000 Rotation

By this point, you might be wondering how to fold this thing with an optic in place. The answer? It features a rotating barrel shroud. Pull up on the locking tab, rotate the hand guard 90 degrees, then fold the gun like a standard Kel tec Sub 2000 For Sale.


The barrel and suppressor are one unit made in-house. The baffles are shrouded by a rotating hand guard and locked in by a removable end cap. This design allows for easy and thorough cleaning and reassembly.

Keltec Sub 2000 For Sale is cost-effective.

Anyone who has had the displeasure of applying for a tax stamp will tell you it feels like theft. The SUB CQB has 4.25 inches of rifling in a 16 inch baffled barrel, therefore Uncle Sam is only gettin’  200 bucks this time... this is not a short-barrel rifle. You get carbine and a cleanable suppressor right out of the box, all at a low MSRP.

Keltec Sub 2000 SPECS

  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Weight: 5.15lbs
  • Barrel Length: OAL 16.2″, Rifled 4.25″

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