Kns Switch Sight For Glock


Tired of having to aim through your suppressor with regular-height sights? The teams at Dead Air Silencers and KNS Precision also struggled with this issue, leading both companies to team up on the all-new Switch sight flipping sight set made especially for Glock’s most popular pistol models: the G17″ G19″ G22″ G23″ G34, and G35. Without a suppressor attached, the Switch sight flipping sight set sits low on the slide, enabling the gun to fit easily into any holster. Once a suppressor is connected, the views flip up to provide added height, allowing the shooters to aim above their suppressor for a clear sight picture. The Switch sight for Glock is machined from 17-4 stainless steel and is treated with a durable, corrosion-resistant, black-nitride finish. Each company incorporates an easily seen white aiming dot.

Features :

  • Switch sight folding sight set for Glock 9/40
  • Stainless steel with a black-nitride finish
  • Easily seen white aiming dots


The Kns Switch Sight For Glock is a unique and innovative aftermarket accessory designed to enhance the flexibility of Glock handguns. It permits users to swiftly switch between different view setups on their Glock handguns without the requirement for tools. This can be particularly useful for shooters who wish to adjust their views for various capturing situations or choices.

 Functions of the KNS Change Sight for Glock consist of:

Tool-Free Sight Adjustments: The primary attribute of the KNS Switch Sight For Glock is its tool-free style, making it possible to quickly and easily swap various sight arrangements. This suggests you can switch between various sight profiles without needing specialized devices or gunsmithing skills.

Compatibility: The KNS Switch Sight For Glock is designed specifically for Glock handguns, consisting of various versions as well as generations. It usually works with standard Glock dovetail cuts.

Sight Configurations: The system allows for the setup of a selection of view arrangements, consisting of standard three-dot sights, night sights, fiber optic sights, and more. This adaptability allows shooters to pick the sights that best fit their shooting demands.

Adjustability: Some versions of the Kns Switch Sight For Glock deal with adjustable windage and elevation setups, allowing customers to adjust their point of impact.

Sturdy Construction: The views are commonly made from long-lasting materials such as steel or lightweight aluminum to endure the rigors of shooting.

Compatibility with Red Dot Optics: Depending on the particular design and variation, the Kns Switch Sight For Glock may likewise be compatible with red dot optics, permitting you to co-witness your iron views with a red dot view.

Easy Setup: Installment typically involves getting rid of the existing back sight on your Glock and changing it with the Kns Switch Sight For Glock setting up. It’s suggested to adhere to the supplier’s directions or look for expert gunsmithing support if required.

It is very important to note that the availability and attributes of the KNS Switch Sight For Glock might have progressed, considering that my last understanding of the upgrade was in September 2021. For that reason, I recommend contacting Switch Sight For Glock or licensed dealerships for the most up-to-date details on the item’s requirements, compatibility, and accessibility as of your present date.

Constantly follow firearm security regulations and consider seeking professional assistance if you are uncertain about installing or using aftermarket devices on your weapons. Additionally, ensure that any adjustments made to your gun abide by regional regulations and policies.


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