ZF-5 / MP5 Series 3-Lug Flash Hider


ZF-5 / MP5 Series 3-Lug Flash Hider

Compatible with ZF-5, ZF-5P, MP5, SP5, SP5K-PDW, and other 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearms with barrels featuring a properly machined 3-lug adapter.

  • Reduces flash signature for use in low-light conditions
  • Quickly attaches and detaches from 3-lug ZF-5/MP5 barrels

Constructed of premium steel, the ZF-5 Series 3-Lug Flash Hider quickly attaches and separates from 3-lug 9mm ZF-5/MP5 barrels. A high-quality parkerized finish has been applied for corrosion resistance.


ZF-5 / MP5 Series 3-Lug Flash Hider

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